Fuzzfighters Anti-Bacterial Oval Detangling Brush


  • Developed using Japanese Zelkova Wood – sustainable source of natural wood
  • Because of the integrated Antimicrobial solutions within our brush products, this disrupts the environment for microorganisms to grow uncontrollably on surfaces, therefore our products are guaranteed to stay cleaner and fresher longer.
  • Frequent brushing and styling with the FuzzFighters antimicrobial brushes help to increase blood flow and promote increased oxygen levels
  • Oval brush base covers a wider surface area of hair with ease
  • Gold anti-bacterial epoxy coating eliminating bacteria on dry hair


The Fuzzfighters Anti-Bacterial Oval Detangling Brush has been developed to help cleanse the hair whilst detangling the toughest of wet or dry tussles.

Developed using Japanese Zelkova wood, a sustainable source of natural wood & available with premium nylon bristles with a gold epoxy tip, on a cushion body with a flat base.

The cushion body is strong, durable and free from cracking. There is no ‘Fuzzy’ hair type too tough for the anti-microbial oval wooden detangler – The FuzzFighter Anti-Bacterial Oval detangler will remove tangles and knots with ease, without breakage and deliver a smooth result, whilst the gold-epoxy anti-microbial tips help to reduce bacterial build up on the hair.

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