Do you suffer from post-shower tangles in your hair? Then you are not alone, there are millions of women around, who face the same issue after washing their hair. Whether you are having long hair or medium or short hair, one common issue that all of you face is tangled hair. If you are fed up with excessive hair fall after combing your tangled hair and searching for the right solution, then bring Fuzzfighters to detangling and smoothing hairbrushes at home.

Getting rid of tangled hair is a matter of pain, mainly when you have long and voluminous hair. With each knot you are separating, the hair comb leaves a few hair strands broken due to the force you are applying. Tangles lead to hair pulling and breakage and can be overwhelming for anyone who loves to flaunt their hair. Finding the right hair brush for detangling is very important to have shiny and healthy tangled-free hair.

Everything You Need To Know About Detangling Hair Brushes

The detangling and smoothing hairbrushes from FuzzFighters are the one-stop solution for smooth, frizz-free, and manageable hair that you love to have. True to its name, such hair brushes remove the hair knot without force and make your hair looks smooth and silky. These hairbrushes are suitable for all hair types and they are coated with ceramic that reduces negative ions from hair. These brushes have soft bristles that encourage the painless and gentle detangling of hair.

How to Use The Detangling Brushes In The Right Manner

When you are using the detangling hair brushes, there are some important steps you need to follow and they are as follows-

1. Do Not Skip Using Conditioner On Hair

To reduce tangles in hair, you need to use the conditioner in the shower after you wash the shampoo. You need to divide the hair into equal parts and then apply the conditioner or hair cream on your hair and comb the hair gently to spread the cream all over. As you rinse the foam from your hair, you can easily remove the tangles.

2. Dividing The Hair Into Sections

While you are hair brushing, you need to make two sections of your hair. Sectioning your hair makes detangling easier and also fast. If you make small fragments, you can effortlessly detangle your hair, and help to loosen up the knots. You can use detangling hairbrushes for sectioning as this will make the parting of hair easier and more automatic.

3. Use Fingers In Between Combing

While you are brushing the hair, instead of brushing the hair aggressively, you can gently use your fingers in between to tackle the larger hair knots. Fingers indeed work like magic for separating larger portions of hair that are being intermingled. Using fingers will reduce extra damage and hair breakage.

4. Apply Hair Serum

While you are detangling washed hair, one of the best tips to reduce frizz is to reduce serum at the root tips of the hair. The tangled hair responds better to the serum and also adds shine. It reduces tangles and makes your hair look great.

Fuzz Fighters is one of the trusted brands that provide smoothing, and detangling hair brushes to customers globally. Most hair brushes are tourmaline powered, anti-bacterial, and positively ionic. They are created in Australia, though they serve the world. Bring life to your tangled hair with detangling and smoothing hairbrushes.