Are you a curly hair girl? 

Do you follow the curly girl method or CGM? 

You need not worry, even if you don’t. Caring a naturally curly hair can be really overwhelming and tricky as most of the hair products don’t suit and it either makes the hair frizzy or too oily and dampens the natural curls. The fact is you will experience more dryness and frizziness in curly hair as compared to straight hair. This can create an impact on the curls and you might find it hard to retain the curls intact. As a result, caring for your naturally curly hair should be a task and you must make sure to wash it with the right hair products and comb it with suitable hairbrushes like detangling & smoothing hairbrushes

How To Care For Your Curly Hair? 

The main issue with curly hair is that it tends to dry out easily and lacks moisture content thereby making it difficult for you to maintain them. In fact, the amount of curls that you have in your hair is determined by the hair follicles, and the more oval or asymmetrical follicles you have, the more curly is your hair. This is thereby determined based on your genetics. However, apart from these, taking the right care of the hair is of utmost importance. From selecting the right shampoo and post-wash care to using the right detangling hairbrushes, every step is crucial for curly hair.

However, to keep your naturally curly hair intact and make it shiny and smooth, we have pointed out certain essential ways to care for your curls. 

Check out the tips and tricks here as follow: 

  • Choose Right Shampoo and Conditioner To Wash Your Hair 

One of the most essential steps is to find a suitable shampoo for your curly hair. So, make sure to choose shampoos that are specifically designed for curly hair. Most curly hair shampoos are sulphate and paraben free. Additionally, you may not want to wash your hair regularly so make sure to include a mild shampoo with a gentle cleanser. However, make sure to use a strong shampoo as well and when required especially when your scalp and hair get dirty and oily. Ensure to use a conditioner for your curls post your hair cleansing.

  • Avoid Over-Shampooing 

When our parents say that shampooing our hair every day is not good for our hair, they are right! Especially for individuals with curly hair, regular shampooing can be bad for your curls and can strip your hair from the natural oil which is highly essential for your hair. So, try and experiment with your wash days and cleansing schedule and find a routine that works best for your hair. 

  • Choose The Right Hair Brushes

Curly hair can break easily while brushing since it is dry and fragile. Therefore, to prevent breakage, try brushing or combing curly hair in the shower and not when it gets dry. Make sure to use a detangling hairbrush that has a wide tooth to detangle and break the hair knots. When finding a good detangler for your hair, make sure to purchase a quality-based hairbrush. Comb your hair after applying the conditioner to spread it properly across all your hair which also helps in better detangling. 

Taking care of curly hair seems a daunting task but once you start following the tricks, you will find that your curls are enhanced and it makes you stand out in the crowd. You would stop feeling burdened about your curls and feel proud of having such unique hair. So, make sure to follow the steps and notice the results eventually.