About FuzzFighters

FUZZFIGHTERS – For the everyday warrior!’ Tourmaline powered, positively ionic, anti-bacterial hairbrushes. Providing luxury haircare, created in Australia available to the world! We represent a positive, energetic, strong, confident active bright Australian way of life!

We are passionate about our products and want to ensure we offer quality for those ‘everyday warriors’ and their daily war with the FUZZ.

Designed in Australia, synonymous for performance & stylish aesthetics, we are proud to give you ‘FuzzFighters’ – helping warriors worldwide to overcome their daily hair struggles.

The FuzzFighters collection of tourmaline & ceramic hairbrushes, with their frizz-defying, moisture-sealing ceramic tourmaline technology. Our brushes are manufactured to the highest possible standards using the most up to date technology available. Our brushes are designed to emit negatively charged ions during the blow dry process, detangling and de-frizzing the fuzziest hair types, sealing in moisture & smoothing the hair cuticle, leaving the hair with superior smooth, shiny, frizz-free results. All our brushes are designed to style hair faster, therefore reducing the blow dry time and help tame the untameable!