One of the most challenging aspects of owning an uber-cool head of curls or wavy hair, is the fight with the frizz; something that is a constant and challenging daily routine.

Frizzy hair is hard to manage, especially when the slightest humidity can turn your hair into a wild poof. Luckily, frizzy hair usually means dry hair, and when you have dry hair, all it really means is that your hair is thirsty for some moisture. When your hair is hydrated and moisturized, you can say bye-bye to your frizzy mane.

Shampoo – Try and use sulfate-free shampoos. Shampoos containing sulfate products (specifically sodium lauryl sulfate), are great at removing buildup and cleansing your hair, but they also dry the hair and are a known cause of frizz.  To avoid frizz, you should use moisture shampoo and use sulfate-free options. Avoid shampoos that contain alcohol. When picking a shampoo, steer clear of shampoo products that contain alcohol. Just like sodium lauryl sulphate, alcohol dries out your hair which can make it frizzier when drying.

ConditionerUse a protein-rich conditioner. Conditioners high in protein content are seriously hydrating and can help restore and maintain moisture in the hair. Apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair; applying conditioner onto your scalp, can make your scalp overly oily and looking too greasy. If you apply conditioner in the shower, leave it on for approximately 2-5 minutes, ensuring the hair to soak up the nutrients. Rinse with cool water allowing the product to help close the cuticle.

Consider a regular deep condition. For uber dry and frizzy hair, you should deep condition your hair once a week. Apply the desired amount of mask or intense conditioner to the hair after shampooing (moisture shampoo). Apply the mask or intense conditioner from mid-lengths of the hair to ends and process for approximately 30 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Always rinse with cold water. When rinsing hair with hot water, this causes your hair’s cuticle to expand and open. When the cuticles open, your hair looks even frizzier and more damaged. When rinsing your hair with cold water this helps to close the cuticle and give the appearance of extra shine.

Styling Frizzy hair – Allow your hair to air dry where possible. When getting out the shower, squeeze out as much excess water from the hair. Avoid rubbing your hair dry with a towel – This creates more frizz and breakage to the hair. Instead, simply letting your hair air dry on its own gives the hair more life.

Use a diffuser when drying hair. Adding a diffuser to your hair dryer works perfectly and effectively without messing up those luscious curls. It is suggested to focus all drying on the root area of the scalp allowing the mid-lengths and ends to dry naturally. Diffusers work best on curly hair. Always use a cool setting when you’re diffusing your hair. Heat can make hair more prone to frizz from humidity.

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