FuzzFighters Detangling Paddle Brush



  • Nylon heat-resistant bristles detangle and gently smooth hair
  • Broad Detangling Paddle Brush base covers a wider surface area of hair
  • Soft touch, non-slip handle allows for better control and effortless styling on thick, coarse hair.


The Detangling Paddle Brush is Available with premium nylon bristles and a cushion body on the flat base. The cushion body is strong, durable, and free from cracking. There is no ‘ Fuzzy’ hair type too tough for the detangling paddle brush – The FuzzFighter Detangling paddle brush will detangle wet or dry hair, remove tangles and knots with ease, without breakage and deliver a smooth result. The FuzzFighter Detangling Paddle Brush is ideal for thick/coarse hair.

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